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Jueves, 02 Mayo 2019
Under the Subway Video Art Night is an event focused exclusively to Video Art with the projections on the walls of the streets, Art Spaces, Galleries, Cultural Centers, etc directed, organized and curated by
Antonio Ortuño.
From its first edition in 2011, Under the Subway Video Art Night (USVAN) has distinguished itself by welcoming digital art videos of an experimental and performative nature, etc. Since its inception, USVAN has opened the door to disciplines that are different and unlike each other, but interrelated, thus raising awareness that video art is live art.

Next 9th edition of Under the Subway Video Art Night June 1st, 2019.
Hello Artists, Curators, Galleries, Museums, etc !!!
We'd like to be present in many cities around the world to show the video art work of amazing artists.
We have the pleasure to announce that the 9th edition will be co-curated by Mira Bernabeu, artist and owner of the gallery espaivisor (Valencia, Spain).
Confirmed venues 9th Under the Subway Video Art Night.
Open air art movie cinema. Düsseldorf, Germany.

- JCC Harlem. New York City.

- El Más Acá Club Cultural Asociation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Atelier Sanitário. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

- Convent Carmen. Valencia, Spain.
- Genalguacil Pueblo Museo. Málaga, Spain.
ArtSpace. Mexico City.

Special event June 7

Museum of the Moving Image

Projection and introduction about what is Under the Subway Video Art Night (USVAN).

If you are interested to host this internacional Video Art event, it will be a pleasure to have a conversation with you.
Email us
E: underthesubwayvideoartnight@gmail.com

Antonio Ortuño 
Under the subway Video Art Night (USVAN)